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Jennifer Tyler-Washington

I started my career in Corporate America as a Human Resources professional which gave me a wealth of knowledge and experience on how the infrastructure of a business works in order to succeed. I learned about the importance of marketing, research and development, recruiting, training, customer service, information technology, etc. I also learned how all of the departments worked together to help advance the company. But most importantly I learned about business ethics, professionalism, and building a great rapport with my colleagues, clients and vendors which also helped in my everyday life.

I was able to transfer my experience, knowledge and expertise as I envisioned, started, built and operated a successful catering business for over 12 years. I brought my experience that I gained from Corporate America to help me market, hire, train, and grow my business in ways I could not have imagined. I realized the importance of the professional skills I honed was just as valuable in the Service Industry as they were in Corporate America. My business would not have had that success if I didn’t know the importance of business and social etiquette, providing excellent customer care, and treating people with respect to help build a loyal team and clientele.

I took an Etiquette and History of Tea class while attending the College of Saint Elizabeth years ago where I received a certification from The Emily Post Institute. I was impressed by the fine orchestration of dining etiquette and surprised by what I still needed to learn. I cherished these lessons and of course started using them in my day to day life and was happy to show others what I learned about etiquette. I realized that etiquette applied to more than just dining, it is a way of life. I was able to combine what I learned from the Table Service classes that I took while earning my Hospitality Management degree with the etiquette classes I took years before.  

I had the privilege and opportunity to teach etiquette classes with my former company at Hudson County Community College, local YMCAs, churches, and for some of our private clients. I knew there was a reason why these lessons I learned in that class stuck with me, but at the time did not see it becoming my next business venture. 

Today I am using my wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to help people develop a polished persona. I Am Polished, LLC is here to consult you and your team members with business etiquette, social etiquette and customer care workshops.  We recognize how important it is to show up confidently at any table knowing how to present oneself properly.  My team and I consult people so they can be confident and comfortable at business meals and meetings, social gatherings, networking events, formal and informal dinners, and exhibit quality customer care. Etiquette is simply exhibiting common courtesies in our everyday interactions, which helps you build relationships. It is just as important today as it was in the past. I have a passion for helping people better themselves so they too can follow their dreams in a polished fashion.

Chief Etiquette Officer
Chief Etiquette Officer

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"I thought the content (on Social Etiquette), challenging as it was in a relatively short presentation, was communicated well.  It had good flow to it and made sense. You also had fun with it, didn't take yourselves or our players too seriously, which made it comfortable."

 Coach Q.

Nick Quartaro

Director of Player Development

Rutgers University


"I want to thank I Am Polished for the superb etiquette presentation you provided to our youth. The knowledge and usable tools our youth gained will be used throughout their lifetime. As the Executive Director of the YMCA I am so proud to see our youth use what they’ve learned! "

Thank you,

Natalie  Tyler

Executive Director

YMCA of East Orange

“As a Women forward networking group we try to bring informative and engaging speakers in to share with our audience.  Jennifer Tyler-Washington and Tonja Webb from I Am Polished were the epitome of polished professionals.  They shared ways for everyone to improve the impression they give to others.  They were warm and welcoming and gave everyone some new tools to boost their confidence and put forward their polished self.  A consultation with I Am Polished would benefit individuals, work teams and large groups alike.”   

Stacey Yalenti, CPA

Crabapple Cove Accounting


"I Am Polished helped guide me to learn the important aspects of proper etiquette. People undervalue the importance of being well polished with their etiquette and it is great that a company like I Am Polished offers that kind of expertise. In my participation with the company, the best part of the learning experience is the hands on presentation of the material. The techniques make you feel like you're doing the correct things, also have more confidence in yourself in a formal environment."

Jaden B.

Rutgers University Student


"Today’s younger generations are underrepresented when it comes to etiquette, however I Am Polished provides an array of experience and knowledge. As a young female in college, I now feel as if I am prepared for stepping into the real world in a way that I will be taken seriously and respected...   This specifically gave me confidence for when I am put into a position in which I have to be formal and represent myself in a confident and proper manner. This has been particularly helpful since I have been going on interviews for internships."


Maya F.

Rowan University Student


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